Texas A&M University School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series

The Texas A&M University School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series focuses on interdisciplinary legal scholarship in all subject areas. The series includes works from the law school's faculty, students, and distinguished visitors. To receive the announcements about new papers from the series, please contact Prof. Peter Yu at peteryu@law.tamu.edu.


Groundwater Management in the Borderlands of Mexico and Texas: The Beauty of the Unknown, the Negligence of the Present, and the Way Forward
Gabriel Eckstein, and Rosario Sanchez

Report to the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation: Analysis of Grievances Filed in Criminal and Family Matters from 2013-2016
Susan Saab Fortney, and Leslie C. Levin(Univ. of Connecticut)

RICO’s Having a Birthday! A 50-Year Retrospective of Questions Answered and Open
Randy Gordon

Intellectual Property, Global Inequality and Subnational Policy Variations
Peter K. Yu

Eyes Wide Shut: Using Accreditation Regulation to Address the 'Pass-the-Harasser' Problem in Higher Education
Susan Saab Fortney and Theresa Morris(Texas A&M Univ. College Station)

Storytelling in the Legal Research Classroom: Selected Annotated Bibliography for Addressing Issues of Diversity and Inclusion
Malikah Hall

The Evolution of Offshore: From Tax Havens to IFCs
Charlotte Ku and Andrew P. Morriss(Texas Univ. A&M School of Innovation)

Can International Patent Law Help Mitigate Cancer Inequity in LMICs?
Srividhya Ragavan and Amaka Vanni(unaffiliated) 

21-09 Inside the Master's Gates: Resources and Tools to Dismantle Racism and Sexism in Higher Education Susan Ayres

Trademarks and the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Empirical Analysis of Trademark Applications Including the Terms 'COVID,' 'Coronavirus,' 'Quarantine,' 'Social Distancing', 'Six Feet Apart,' and 'Shelter in Place' Irene Calboli

Environmental Law, Disrupted by COVID-19 Vanessa Casado Pérez, Rebecca M. Bratspies (City Univ. of New York), Robin Kundis Craig (USC Gould), Lissa Griffin (Pace Univ.), Keith H. Hirokawa(Albany), Sarah Krakoff (Univ. of Colorado), Katrina Fischer Kuh (Pace), Jessica Owley (Univ. of Miami), Melissa Powers (Lewis & Clark), Shannon Roesler (Univ. of Iowa), Jonathan D. Rosenbloom (Vermont), J. B. Ruhl (Vanderbilt Univ.), Erin Ryan (Florida State Univ.), and David Takacs (UC Hastings)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Immigration Detention
Fatma E. Marouf

Transparency's AI Problem
Hannah Bloch-Wehba

International Law for Transboundary Aquifers: A Challenge for Our Times
Gabriel Eckstein

Teaching Win-Win Negotiation Skills to MBAs: A Quasi-Experimental Examination of a Social-Exchange Based Pedagogical Approach
Peter Reilly, Yang Zhang(Univ. of Texas at El Paso), Stephen J.J. McGuire(unaffiliated), Bahram Mahdavian(unaffiliated), and Veena Prabhu(unaffiliated) 

Third Amendment to the Chinese Copyright Law
Peter K. Yu

Corruption in University Admissions and the Administrative Allocation of Scarce Goods
Andrew P. Morriss, L. Burke Files(Financial Examinations & Evaluations, Inc.), and Roger E. Meiners (Univ. of Texas at Arlington)

Securities Law: Overview and Contemporary Issues
Neal Newman, and Lawrence J. Trautman(Prairie View A&M Univ.)

Teaching and Assessing Active Listening as a Foundational Skill for Lawyers as Leaders, Counselors, Negotiators, and AdvocatesAric Short, Lindsey P. Gustafson(Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock), and 

Neil W. Hamilton (Univ. of St. Thomas School of Law)

Bargaining in the Shadow of Investor-state Mediation: How the Threat of Mediation Will Improve Parties' Conflict Management
Nancy Welsh, and Andrea Kupfer Schneider (Marquette Univ.)