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​11th Annual Energy Law Symposium

Energy Law Currents: Reconciling Risk and Return

February 2​7-2​9, 2020
Texas A&M School of Law, Fort Worth, Texas
CLE credit hours available

The U.S. energy industry has long grappled with reconciling risk and return for utilities, investors, ratepayers, and other stakeholders. Even the earliest attempts at public regulation of private energy enterprises recognized the constitutional demand for just compensation. More than a century later, these challenges have become more complex and contentious than ever, as illustrated by heated debates over remuneration for distributed solar installations and stranded utility assets.

At the same time, stakeholders across the energy value chain are required to contend with an increasingly diverse portfolio of risks. Ever-changing legal frameworks pose significant regulatory risks while scientific and engineering advances exacerbate technology risks in a fast-evolving marketplace. Climate change, air quality problems, and water scarcity all implicate serious environmental risk. Supply challenges, terrorist threats, and cyber attacks, finally, present fundamental security risks.

The 2020 edition of Texas A&M School of Law’s Energy Law Symposium will explore the complex challenges, novel methodologies, and kaleidoscope of actors involved in striking a sensible balance between risk and return in today’s energy economy.

Featured Panels:

  • Clean Energy Technologies – Leveling the Playing Field
  • The Hydrocarbons Industry and its Relations with Local Communities
  • Electricity Governance – Toward a New Business Model?
  • Energy Law & Policy in Cross-Disciplinary Context
  • Careers in Energy Law
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