Faculty Highlights

​August 2016

Professor Lisa Alexander participated in the discussion group “Has Fair Housing Gotten It’s Groove Back?” at the 2016 Southeastern Association of Law Conference in Amelia Island, Florida (Aug. 3, 2016).

Professor Cynthia Alkon, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, presented her paper “The Politics of Appointing Criminal Defense Lawyers to the Bench” as part of a panel discussion on The Politics of Criminal Justice Reform at the 2016 Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference in Amelia Island, Florida (Aug. 8, 2016).

Professor Sahar Aziz was invited to present her forthcoming paper, “Rethinking Counterterrorism in Age of ISIS: Lessons from Sinai,” at the Faculty Colloquium at University of California, Davis (Aug. 25, 2016).

  • Her article, “Military Electoral Authoritarianism in Egypt," was listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: Islamic Law & Law of the Muslim World eJournal, Political Institutions: Non-Democratic Regimes eJournal and Transitional Justice eJournal, and Human Rights and the Global Economy eJournal.

  • Published “Burkini Ban: Latest in Transnational Gender Debates” in The New Arab (Aug. 31, 2016).

  • Interviewed by BBC World News on “ISIS Second in Command Killed in Syria” (aired live on PBS America) (Aug. 31, 2016).

  • Cited in “Immigration: Five Essential Reads,” by The Conversation (Aug. 31, 2016).

  • Attended a conference of Egyptian lawyers and advocates seeking to stop the practice of female genital mutilation in Cairo, Egypt (Aug. 3, 2016).

Executive Professor William Byrnes was #​8 on Social Science Research Network’s top tax professor rankings for paper downloads for the previous year, August 2015-​​July 2016 (posted Aug. 30, 2016).

Professor Irene Calboli acted as an expert for the World Intellectual Property Organization and delivered three lectures at the Advanced Course on Recent Issues on Intellectual Property Law organized by the Indonesian Intellectual Property Academy and Faculty of Law at University of Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia (Aug. 28-30, 2016).

  • Chaired a panel, co-organized with the International Trademark Association, on "3D printing: Evolution, Revolution, or Extinction for IP Protection?" at the Global Symposium on IP-driven Innovation: Powering the Innovation Cycle Through IP at IP Week @ SG 2016 organized by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (Aug. 23-24, 2016).

  • Chaired a panel on "Competition and Statutory Torts" at the conference Protecting Business and Economic Interests: Contemporary Issues in Tort Law, Singapore Academy of Law, Singapore (Aug. 18-19, 2016).

  • Delivered a presentation on "European Free Trade Agreements and the Transpacific Partnership" at the Geographical Indications: The International Debate and the Best Way Forward for New Zealand Conference to the Faculty of Law at Victoria University of Wellington in Wellington, New Zealand (Aug. 4-5, 2016).

  • Published the book chapter "The Trademark Provisions in the TRIPS Agreement" in the Volume Intellectual Property and International Trade: Trips Agreement, Kluwer Law International, 2016 (pp. 157-192) (Carlos M. Correa & Yusuf A. Abdulqawi eds., 3rd ed.) (co-authored with Christine Haight Farley).

  • Published the book chapter "Contributory Trademark Infringement on the Internet: Do We Finally Know What Intermediaries Need To Know?" in the Volume Research Handbook On E-Commerce, Edward Elgar, 2016 (pp. 211-231) (John A. Rotchild ed.).

  • Published the book chapter "Terroir and Public Health: Can Geographical Indications of Origin Promote ‘Healthy’ Products?" in The New Intellectual Property of Health-Related Goods, Edward Elgar, 2016 (pp. 283-304) (Enrico Bonadio & Alberto Alemanno eds.).

Professor Gabriel Eckstein co-authored “Training Manual – Hydrodiplomacy, Legal and Institutional Aspects of Water Resources Governance: From the International to the Domestic Perspective” for UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHE).

  • Anchored the debate team making the affirmative argument on “Can there be transboundary water cooperation without international water law?” at Stockholm 2016 World Water Week (with Dr. Marian Patrick, Stockholm International Water Institute, and Ms. Zaki Shubber, UNESCO-IHE) (Aug. 30, 2016).

  • Presented “Bulk Water Transfers: Problem or Solution?” at Stockholm 2016 World Water Week, (with Renee Martin-Nagle, University of Strathclyde, Scotland) (Aug. 29, 2016).

  • Interviewed by Circle of Blue on the management of transboundary groundwater resources around the world (Aug. 29, 2016).

Professor Paul George spoke at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington, on the intersection of technology and privacy at a program jointly sponsored by Microsoft and the Sedona Conference (Aug. 10 & 11, 2016).

  • George had 486 new downloads of 25 articles during August, according to bepress.

Professor Michael Z. Green presented “From Bounty Gate to Deflate Gate: Can the NFL Players’ Union Obtain Better Judicial Review of Arbitration Decisions for Millionaires Than for a Typical Hourly Worker?” at a panel for the Labor and Employment Law Workshop held at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference in Amelia Island, Florida (Aug. 8, 2016).

  • Also participated as a commentator and moderator for the discussion group, “New Voices in Labor and Employment Law,” as part of the Labor and Employment Law Workshop, held at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference (Aug. 8, 2016).

  • Also participated as a commentator for a discussion group, “Fisher v. University of Texas - Implications for Labor & Employment Law,” as part of the Workshop on Labor and Employment Law held at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference (Aug. 7, 2016).

Professor Bill Henning attended the 2016 Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference on Amelia Island, Florida. He made a presentation as part of a discussion group on “Teaching Secured Transactions: Integrating Ethical/Professionalism Issues, Drafting Assignments, and Learning Outcomes/Assessments” (Aug. 4-8, 2016).

  • Attended the annual meeting of the NAFTA Advisory Committee on Private Commercial Disputes, to which he is a member of the U.S. delegation, in Washington, D.C. (Aug​. 18-19, 2016).
    • The meeting was also attended by delegations from Mexico and Canada. The purpose of the committee is to promote the use of arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution methods in the NAFTA region.
  • ​Appointed to the Uniform Law Commission’s Working Group on The Hague Judgments Project. It is expected that the Judgments Project will result in an international convention on the recognition and enforcement of judgments and the Working Group will consider the appropriate response of the United States (Aug. 25, 2016).

Professor Charlotte Ku chaired the Study Group on the Content and Evolution of the Rules of Interpretation in International Law at the Biennial Meeting of the International Law Association in Johannesburg, South Africa (Aug. 8, 2016).

  • Presented a discussion paper, “Who is teaching international law? Can we use experiential learning in international law?” to the Interest Group on Teaching International Law at the Biennial Meeting of the International Law Association in Johannesburg, South Africa (Aug. 9, 2016).

  • Attended and participated in an update on South Africa hosted by the U.S. Consul-General in Johannesburg, South Africa (Aug. 10, 2016).

Professor Gary Lucas’ article, “Behavioral Public Choice and the Law,” (co-authored with Slavisa Tasic) is currently listed on the bepress Digital Commons among the ten most popular papers (based on downloads) in Law and Economics, Political Economy, and Behavioral Economics.

Professor Srividhya Ragavan presented “Protecting Biomedical Research in US & Abroad” at IP Boot Camp at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences in College Station (Aug. 24, 2016).

Associate Professor Neil L. Sobol participated on a panel titled “The Politics of Criminal Justice” at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference in Amelia Island, Florida (Aug. 8, 2016).

  • Interviewed by News Radio 1200 WOAI for “Does the Current 'Bail' System Turn County Jails into 'Debtors Prisons?'” (Aug. 26, 2016).

Professor Peter Yu, Co-Director, Center for Law and Intellectual Property (CLIP), presented "A Spatial Critique of Intellectual Property Law and Policy" at the 16th Intellectual Property Scholars Conference at Stanford Law School (Aug. 11-12, 2016).