Faculty Highlights

​September 2016

Professor Cynthia Alkon, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, discussed her forthcoming book (co-authored with Andrea Schneider), Plea Bargaining and Alternative Processes: Criminal Practice in the 21st Century during the 10th Annual American Association of Law Schools Alternative Dispute Resolution Works-in-Progress Conference at Marquette School of Law in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Sept. 24, 2016).

Associate Dean and Professor Stephen Alton accepted an offer from Tulsa Law Review to publish his article, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll’s Will:  A Tale of Testamentary Capacity” (Sept. 19, 2016).

Professor Susan Ayres’ article, “Paternity Un(certainty): How the Law Surrounding Paternity Challenges Negatively Impacts Family Relationships and Women’s Sexuality,” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Gender, Race and Justice, published by the University of Iowa College of Law.

  • Her article, “Pregnancy Denied, Pregnancy Rejected in ‘Stephanie Daley’,” (co-authored with Prema Manjunath) (12 Law, Culture and the Humanities, 132, 2016) was listed on ​SSRN's Top Ten download list for AARN Health & Illness; Reproduction & Infant, Child & Maternal Health & Welfare; Visual Anthropology & Media Studies; Visual Anthropology, Media Studies, & Performance; Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art eJournal; CSN Law; Medical Anthropology eJournal; and PRN Philosophy of Art.

Professor Sahar Aziz testified before the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight and Management Efficiency in a hearing, “Identifying the Enemy: Radical Islamist Terror” (Sept. 22, 2016).

  • Delivered the 17th Annual Buck Colbert Franklin Memorial Civil Rights Lecture, “Civil Rights in a Post-9/11 Era of Global Conflict and Populism," at the University of Tulsa (Sept. 15, 2016). Video available.

  • Invited participant on the debate on “Net Harms and Net Gains of Countering Violent Extremism” at the Islamic Society of North America Annual Conference in Chicago (Sept. 3, 2016).

  • Published “Testifying Before Homeland Security: Identify the Enemy” in The New Arab (Sept. 27, 2016).

  • Presented “Middle East / U.S. Affairs: Fact v. Fiction” at the Diversity Lunch and Learn Series at Texas A&M University College of Science (Sept. 30, 2016).

Professor Wayne Barnes (with his co-editors Jennifer Martin and Colin Marks) edited and published the annual UCC Survey for the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association, in Volume 71 of The Business Lawyer. Additionally, their introduction to the survey, “The Uniform Commercial Code Survey: Introduction,” was published at 71 Business Lawyer 1243 (Sept. 2016).

Associate Professor Mark Edwin Burge presented “Lawyers Beyond Automation in a Blockchain World” at the Central States Law Schools Association 2016 Scholarship Conference at the University of North Dakota School of Law in Grand Forks (Sept. 24, 2016).

Executive Professor William Byrnes was #​​9 on SSRN’s top tax professor rankings for paper downloads for the previous year, ​September 2015-​​​August 2016 (posted Sept. ​7, 2016).

Professor Irene Calboli attended the Executive Board meeting of the European Policy of Intellectual Property (EPIP) Association at the University of Oxford in England (Sept. 3, 2016).

  • Presented her work in progress "Overlapping Trademarks and Copyright Protection, and the Raise of the Just Dessert Theory in Intellectual Property Law" at the 11th Annual Conference of the EPIP Association at the University of Oxford (Sept. 3-5, 2016).

Professor Gabriel Eckstein guest edited (with three co-editors) a special issue of the international peer-reviewed journal Water International on “Legal mechanisms for water resources in practice: Select papers from the XV World Water Congress,” Vol. 41(6) (Sept. 2016).

Associate Dean and Professor Susan Fortney presented at the International Legal Ethics Conference:

  • Participated in a panel discussion called, “Diversion, Do’s and Don’ts” (Sept. 16, 2016).
  • Moderated the panel “Reimaging the Future: How Proactive Measures Can Reshape a Lawyer Discipline System to a Lawyer Integrity System” (Sept. 16, 2016).
  • ​Presented as a member of an Entity Regulation panel at the ABA Business Law Section Annual Meeting. Her remarks focused on lessons drawn from her study on proactive management-based regulation of law firms (Sept. 11, 2016).

Professor Michael Z. Green presented “The Promise of Mediation in Addressing Psychiatric Disability and Workplace Violence” at the Eleventh Annual Colloquium on Current Scholarship in Labor and Employment Law held at the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle (Sept. 23, 2016).

  • Invited to present “Negotiating While Black in the Workplace with Mediator Competency” as part of a panel on “Failures in Existing Conceptions of the Field” at the 6th International Biennial Conference on Negotiation at the Novancia Business School in Paris, France, on Nov. 16, 2016.

  • Invited by the IESEG School of Management to participate in a one-day symposium that will assemble an international group of more than 30 prominent scholars and practitioners in the negotiation and conflict management field to focus on the difficulties this field encounters in influencing the most intractable conflicts of our times to be held at the IESEG premises in the la Défense business district in Paris, France, on Nov. 19, 2016.

  • Agreed to present his paper, “The Audacity of Protecting Racist Speech Under the National Labor Relations Act,” at the University of Chicago Legal Forum Symposium on “Law and the Disruptive Workplace” to be held at the University of Chicago Law School in Chicago on Nov. 4, 2016.

  • Invited to submit his draft paper, “From Bounty Gate to Deflate Gate: Can the NFL Players’ Union Obtain Better Judicial Review of Arbitration Decisions for Millionaires Than for a Typical Hourly Worker?,” to be considered for publication in the Spring 2017 themed edition on Accessing Civil Justice for the N.Y.U. Journal of Legislation and Public Policy.

Professor Bill Henning served as a speaker for “Consumer Advocacy and the Uniform Law Experience and Challenges” at the American Bar Association 2016 Business Law Section Annual Meeting in Boston (Sept. 8, 2016).

  • His article, “A Compelling Case for Uniform Wage Garnishment,” was published in Law360. He chaired the committee that drafted the Uniform Wage Garnishment Act (Sept.19, 2016).

  • ​He attended the first in-person meeting of the Drafting Committee on Revised UCC Articles 1, 3, and 9 (of which he is a member) in Chicago to draft provisions that will create electronic promissory notes to be used in the context of a national registry for electronic notes and related mortgages. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is taking the lead in drafting federal legislation to establish the registry (Sept. 23-24, 2016).

Professor Thomas Mitchell attended the ceremonial signing of the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act, which he drafted, in South Carolina (Sept. 22, 2016). Learn more.

  • Co-edited “Translating Law and Society for Today’s Legal Practice: Volume 1” with the American Bar Foundation research project New Legal Realism (Sept. 16, 2016).

Associate Professor John Murphy presented “An Introduction to Thinking Like a Lawyer” at the Council on Legal Education Opportunity Prelaw Seminar at Texas A&M University School of Law in Fort Worth (Sept. 10, 2016).

Associate Professor Carol Pauli organized and moderated a panel on “Immigration: Bridging Ethnic Divides” at the annual Excellence in Journalism Conference of the Society of Professional Journalists in New Orleans (Sept. 18, 2016).

  • Presented her work in progress, “Protecting Journalists,” at the annual Works-in-Progress Conference of the Alternative Dispute Resolution section of the Association of American Law Schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Sept. 23, 2016).

Associate Professor Peter Reilly presented a working draft of his paper, “Against Settlement Under Fokker” at the 10th Annual Dispute Resolution Works-in-Progress Conference at Marquette University School of Law in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Sept. 23-24, 2016).

Professor Malinda Seymore’s article, “Grasping Fatherhood in Abortion and Adoption,” was accepted for publication in the Hastings Law Journal.

Associate Professor Neil L. Sobol presented his paper, “Fighting Fines & Fees: Borrowing from Consumer Law to Combat Criminal Justice Debt Abuses,” at the Texas Academic Support and Legal Writing Scholars Colloquium at Texas A&M School of Law (Sept. 23, 2016).

Professor Elizabeth Trujillo organized and moderated the roundtable “Global v. Regional/Local: Solutions for Trade and Sustainable Development” for the American Society of International Law-International Economic Law Interest Group Biennial Conference at Georgetown University Law Center (Sept. 30, 2016).

Professor Peter Yu, Co-Director, Center for Law and Intellectual Property (CLIP), presented "The Quest for a User-Friendly Copyright Regime in Hong Kong" at the Fall 2016 Intellectual Property Colloquium at Indiana University Maurer School of Law (Sept. 29, 2016).