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Scotland Aberdeen LawThe Texas A&M University School of Law Global Programs May 2018 Field Study course "Scotland: Natural Resource Management and Dispute Resolution" explored European Union and international law as they apply to energy, environmental, and climate change policy issues. The​ students were able to experience dispute resolution and commercial arbitration in Scotland, the UK, and the EU. ​

The​ course offered a first-hand deep dive into the regulatory, political, and environmental issues at play in the region. Taking advantage of the Scottish location, students learned about the history and evolution of Scots Law and the present mix of legal institutions, as well as the ​legal issues and business of managing the North Sea oil and gas fields -- unique experiences ​which ​could not be replicated in the classroom.

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Legal Education in Scotland

Posted by John Thomas, J.D. '​2​0

Scotland Aberdeen UniversityTexas A&M School of Law students (here with faculty from the University of Aberdeen School of Law), led by Professors Randy Gordon and Guillermo Garcia Sanchez, experience global lawyering, exploring comparative law, oil & gas law, and international arbitration in the Global Programs Field Study course "Scotland: Natural Resource Management and Dispute Resolution."

In our first few days we spent a majority of our time with the academic faculty and resided at the University of Aberdeen. Spending time with Dr. Simpson [University of Aberdeen Senior Lecturer Dr. Andrew Simpson, LLB, LLM, Ph.D.,] while learning about Scottish ​legal ​history was extremely informative and provided a sufficient context for understanding the legal framework in which Scotland currently exists.

Scotland Simpson lectureThe Aggie Law students attend a lecture by Senior Lecturer Dr. Andrew Simpson on the history of Scotland and Scottish law at the new University of Aberdeen central library in Old Aberdeen.

Beyond learning in the classroom I was most intrigued by the academic processes that occur in Scotland.

During the trip I was able to talk to our student ambassador who was a Ph.D. student named Stephanie. She told me about how education (the first degree) was free to everyone in Scotland and walked me through the process of how one becomes a professor. She said that currently there are only 100 professors in Scotland and the title is reserved for people who are the leaders in their specialty.

The differences between our educational system and theirs were fascinating. By far the biggest contrast is the legal education. For us it is a professional and secondary degree, but for them it is an undergraduate degree. In some ways it helps to stratify those who wish to pursue higher education and pedagogy and those who wish to enter into the legal profession in a more pragmatic sense. 

Scotland Aberdeen UniversityThe Aggie Law group at the University of Aberdeen, one of the four “ancient” universities of Scotland. Law has been taught here since 1495.  Learn more about the University of Aberdeen School of Law.