Faculty Scholarship & Publications



Professor William Byrnes, Associate Dean for Special Projects:

  • Co-authored (with Robert Munro):
    • Tax Havens of the World, Matthew Bender, Rel. 161 (December 2017) and Rel. 162 (February 2018)
    • International Withholding Tax Treaty Guide, Matthew Bender Rel. 154 (February 2018)
    • Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and Recovery, and Compliance—A Global Guide, Matthew Bender Rel. 27 (February 2018)
    • Foreign Tax & Trade Briefs, Second Edition, Matthew Bender, Rel. 523 (December 2017)
    • International Trust & Company Laws, Wolters Kluwer, Rel. 4/2017 (December 2017)

  • Published the article Show me the Money. Where Are All the FATCA Fat Cats?IFC Economic Report (Winter 2017-2018) (pp. 36-37).

Professor Irene Calboli:

sld_ecksteinProfessor Gabriel Eckstein, Director of the Program in Natural Resources Systems:

  • "Legal Mechanisms for Water Resources in the Third Millennium," Select Papers from the IWRA XIV and XV World Water Congresses (Routledge, 2018) (co-edited with Marcella Nanni, Stefano Burchi, and Ariella D’Andrea)

  • The International Law of Transboundary Groundwater Resources (Routledge, 2017)

Professor Luz Herrera, Associate Dean for Experiential Education:

sld_ku_global_programsProfessor Charlotte Ku, Associate Dean for Global Programs and Graduate Studies and Co-Convener of the Global and Comparative Law Program:

  • Published Climate Change and the UN Security Council, co-edited with Shirley V. Scott. Co-authored book’s introduction, conclusion, and the chapter “The creation of a climate change court or tribunal.” Authored the chapter “Security Council responsibility to respond to climate change.”
  • Published "The International Court of Justice" in Oxford Handbook of the United Nations, Sam Daws and Thomas G. Weiss, Eds., 2nd edition (Oxford, 2018).

  • Published “The evolution of international law” in International Organizations and Global Governance, Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkenson, Eds., 2nd edition (Routledge, 2018).

Elizabeth TrujilloProfessor Elizabeth Trujillo, Co-Convener of the Global and Comparative Law Program:

Professor Peter Yu, Director of the Center for Law and Intellectual Property (CLIP):