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Building the Rule of Law

Student Bloggers:
Laurel Curtis, Candace Davis, Ashley Graves, Isabelle Hutchinson, Najmu Mohseen, Erika Moon, Breanne Porter, Joshua Ramirez, Katie Stallcup and Sara Vargas

Field study course led by Associate Dean Cynthia Alkon and Associate Dean Charlotte Ku.
cambodia elephant valley project

Ten Aggie Law students, led by Associate Deans Cynthia Alkon & Charlotte Ku, traveled to Cambodia to explore firsthand the challenges of developing rule of law in a post-conflict environment. The students examined how the history of conflicts and genocide have impacted the Cambodian legal system. Through hands-on experience, they also investigated the issues of environmental law, land rights and labor arbitration affecting Cambodia today.


cambodia young eco ambassadors
Mondulkiri: Environmental Issues
by Ashley Graves J.D. '19

Busra meeting
Mondulkiri: Land Rights
  by ​Laurel Curtis J.D. '19

Cambodia Temple Balcony Restaurant
Dining & Shopping
by ​Candace Davis J.D. '19 and Breanne Porter J.D. '19


Video courtesy of Joshua Ramirez JD '18
Visit to Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri

Join Aggie Law students and their guide Tyler Nuckols '14 at Elephant Valley Project, a sanctuary in Mondulkiri, where they examined environmental issues, conservation, land use, economics, community collaboration and indigenous peoples' rights.   ► Learn more.

Video courtesy of Joshua Ramirez JD '18

Visit a Rubber Plantation

Check out a very quick visit to a rubber plantation in Cambodia with Aggie Law students studying environmental issues and land rights, part of the field trip course "Cambodia: Building the Rule of Law."

Video courtesy of Joshua Ramirez JD '18

Meeting with Busra Community in Mondulkiri

Aggie Law students met with Busra community leaders in the Mondulkiri region, a home of the Bunong people, to understand the challenges indigenous people face in obtaining land rights, community recognition and land tenure.  ►Learn more.

Video courtesy of Joshua Ramirez JD '18

Visit to Choeung Ek Memorial Center

Texas A&M Law students gained an understanding of Cambodia’s troubled past by touring the Choeung Ek Memorial Center. The visit included a ceremony with music and dancing, telling the story of the killing fields.  ►Learn more.