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The Journal of Property Law hosts a symposium during the fall and spring semesters to discuss relevant property law topics with leading scholars from across the world. Stay tuned to this page to learn more about registration, locations and subjects for the next symposium.

Our Symposia Editor, with the assistance of a symposia committee, plans and promotes each symposium to bring together speakers and the legal community for a scholarly discussion of important legal topics.

For more information regarding symposia, please contact ​the Symposia Editor, at symposiaeditorjpl@gmail.com.

Fall 20​2​2 Symposium

property law Fall 2022 symposium

Property Rights & Social Justice

November 11, 2022
Online via Zoom, 3 Texas CLE credit hours

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Expert panelists examine Professor Rachael Walsh's new book, Property Rights and Social Justice: Progressive Property in Action. Dr. Walsh is an Associate Professor and Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. Her research is focused on the interface between public ​& private law in the context of property.

Recent Symposia

Eric Claeys

Natural Property Law

October 2​2, 2021
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Expert panelists examine Professor Eric Claeys manuscript, Natural Property Rights. Eric Claeys is a Professor of Law at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University. Claeys's scholarship studies theories of natural law and natural rights and their implications in property law.

pharma Symposium flyer

Pharmaceutical Innovation, Patent Protection and Regulatory Exclusivities

October 25, 2019

Presented with the Texas A&M Center for Law and Intellectual Property

► ​Details at law.tamu.edu/pharma

Interrogate the role of patents and regulatory exclusivities in providing incentives for the pharmaceutical sector. Explore the balance between proprietary protection and public access needs at both the domestic and international levels.

Music Copyright Symposium logo

Journal of Property Law
Spring 2019 Symposium

February 15, 2019

"Copyright’s Excess: Money and Music in the U.S. Recording Industry"

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JPL Fall 2018 symposium rural development

Journal of Property Law
Fall 2018 Symposium

October 26, 2018

"Rural Development: Using Innovation to Create Thriving Communities"

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Journal of Property Law
Spring 2018 Symposium

February 23, 201​8

"The United States Defense Industry:
Innovation, Acquisition, and Analysis"

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AI symposium

Journal of Property Law
Fall 2017 Symposium

October 20, 2017

"Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Profession"

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New Water symposium flyer

Journal of Property Law
Spring 2017 Symposium

​February ​17, 2017

"New Water"

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Journal of Property Law
Fall 2016 Symposium

November 10, 201​6

Printing the Future: The Implications of 3D Printing

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Journal of Property Law
Spring 2016 Symposium

​April​ 22, 201​6

Think Globally, Act Locally. TAMU’s Initiative to Respect, Preserve, and Protect.

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blunt truth logo

Journal of Property Law
Fall 2015 Symposium

​April​ 22, 201​6

The Blunt Truth: Looking at the Effects of Marijuana Law on Property Interests

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