Academic Support for 1L Students

What is the Weekly Academic Support Group?

Academic Support groups are designed to help students adjust to the challenges of the first year of law school. Each 1L student is assigned to an Academic Support Group led by a successful upper-class student, called an Academic Support TA. Your TA will provide instruction on topics such as note-taking, outlining, briefing cases, legal analysis, exam preparation and time management.

Who is my TA?

During orientation, your TA will introduce himself/herself and tell you when and where your study group will meet.

When do we meet?

Your group meets for one hour each week. Your TA will also hold weekly office hours for individual appointments.

Should I attend?

Yes! Most students who regularly attend TA sessions find them extremely valuable, and the law school strongly encourages 1L students to participate. Active participation in these sessions will help you maximize your academic success at law school.

What are practice exams?

In the fall and spring semesters, Academic Support will administer practice exams for each first-year doctrinal course under actual test-day conditions. First-year professors frequently create the exams and provide representative sample answers. Additionally, if you take these tests, you will receive specific written feedback from your TA on ways to improve. You can also obtain copies of past multiple-choice questions and other law school exams.

Why do I need to take practice exams?

Law school final exams are unlike anything you have ever done before. Your course grade will likely be based on your performance on one three- or four-hour exam. It is important for you to practice the skills necessary to successfully complete law school exams.

What do the Seminars and Panels cover?

Throughout the year, Academic Support will present several seminars and panels to present important information such as:

  • a professor Q&A panel on the format of final exams, and
  • an orientation to the structure of the Texas Bar Exam.

What is the Peer Tutoring Program?

The one-to-one peer tutoring program is for students who need additional assistance. This voluntary tutoring program is open to all students at any stage of law school. The peer tutors do not teach substantive law; rather, they reinforce the skills taught in the weekly Academic Support Groups to help overcome academic obstacles. To sign up, please contact ​Professor Murphy, who will work to match you with an upper-level peer tutor.

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