About the Law Library

Students in Texas A&M Law LibraryThe Dee J. Kelly Law Library is an essential and integral component in the educational life of the law school. This exceptional research facility offers access to the law and law-related resources in addition to a wide range of services that support the law school curriculum and programs, promote the advancement of legal scholarship and fulfill the information needs of our library users.

The library offers a welcoming reading room for all of our library users to enjoy. For our students, we offer a computer lab, group study rooms and a technology classroom. Wireless access is available throughout the library, and all of our tables and carrels have built-in power.

A library is more than its physical structure or collection. The knowledgeable and service-oriented library faculty provide instruction and assistance in both online and traditional methods of research. Our regular schedule has the library open ​100 hours per week, with library faculty available for ​50 of those hours. We have seven full-time library faculty members, all of whom have a master’s degree in library science and ​six of whom also have their Juris Doctor degree. If you need assistance, please visit the reference desk.

Library Personnel: Faculty

Lisa A. Goodman, Executive Professor and Law Library Director
Phone: 817-212-3938
Email lisa.goodman@law.tamu.edu

Cynthia Burress, Reference Librarian and Instructional Associate Professor
Phone: 817-212-3809
Email cburress@law.tamu.edu

Wendy Law, Head of Collection Development and Instructional Associate Professor
Phone: 817-212-3808
Email wlaw@law.tamu.edu

Aaron Retteen, Head of Scholarly Communications & Institutional Reporting and Instructional Associate Professor
Phone: 817-212-3967
Email aretteen@law.tamu.edu

Kristen Rowlett, International Law Reference Librarian and Instructional Associate Professor
Phone: 817-212-3829
Email krowlett@law.tamu.edu

Joan Stringfellow, Head of Technical & Electronic Services and Instructional Associate Professor
Phone: 817-212-3824
Email jstringfellow@law.tamu.edu

Library Personnel: Support Staff

Janis Betts, Library Associate I (Business)
Phone: 817-212-3826
Email jbetts57@law.tamu.edu

Sharon Jefferson, Library Associate I (Cataloging)
Phone: 817-212-3815
Email sjefferson@law.tamu.edu

Perren Reilley, Library Associate I (Access Services)
Phone: 817-212-3817
Email perren.reilley@law.tamu.edu

Lillian Velez, Library Associate I (Acquisitions)
Phone: 817-212-3822
Email lrvelez@law.tamu.edu

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Location Guide

History of the Law Library

When the law school was founded in 1989, it was known as the Dallas/Fort Worth School of Law. The law school was located on the University of Dallas campus in Irving, Texas, in the “Mother House of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.” The entire library was housed in the dining room and chapel of the “Mother House.” The Westlaw and Lexis room was in the Sanctorum area of the chapel.

In the summer of 1991, the school moved to a new building on Grauwyler Road in Irving. There the library was located in the southwest corner of the building on the main floor. Space was limited with only 12,500 linear feet of shelving. At that time, the library staff consisted of two professional librarians and two staff members. In 1992, the law school was purchased by Texas Wesleyan University and renamed Texas Wesleyan University School of Law.

The law school moved to its current location in Fort Worth during the summer of 1997. The library shared the lower level of the new building with the student lounge and several classrooms. With this move, the library space grew to 16,000 linear feet of shelving.

In early 2005, the law school began a major renovation project. The law library was to take over the entire lower level of the law school. By the end of construction the law library had grown to over 40,000 linear feet of shelving and offered nine study rooms, a computer lab, a computer classroom, a quiet room and an impressive reading room. In October, the Dee J. Kelly Law Library was named in honor of Dee J. Kelly, Fort Worth attorney and chair of the Dean’s Advisory Council, through generous gifts made by The Burnett Foundation and the Sid W. Richardson Foundation.

In August 2011, renovations began to convert the rarely used Quiet Room into the law library’s new Special Collections Room. This room, completed in fall 2012, enables the law library to highlight special material.

In August 2013, the law school was purchased by Texas A&M University and renamed Texas A&M University School of Law. Though the law school remains in its current location in Fort Worth, it is considered one of the colleges of Texas A&M University in College Station.