Personal Counseling and Career Development Seminars

Personal Counseling

At Texas A&M School of Law, our Career Services team is here to help shape you into the kind of lawyer you are passionate about becoming.

We strongly believe personal counseling is the most effective way to create your best career strategy. We encourage you to meet with one of our licensed attorney counselors one-on-one. Through these individualized discussions, our career services professionals can create a career strategy customized just for you.

Your experience, skill sets and career goals are central to identifying your career options and developing a strategy that will work for you.

To ​meet with a Career Services counselor, please use this form to request an appointment.

Meet Career Services.

Career Development Seminars

Additionally, a wide range of career seminars and panels are offered each semester to educate students on career opportunities and developing as a lawyer. These are offered during the day and evening.

Focused on three distinct areas – career development, skills building and practice areas of law – our seminars provide an invaluable opportunity for you to learn skills maximizing your job choices, as well as real-life exposure to different practice areas of law. Running the gamut from exploring career opportunities to helping students decide what they want to do to writing résumés, Career Services offers students the chance to learn the skills needed to get a job.

In addition, in October, the Career Services staff presents a mandatory orientation specifically for 1Ls covering all aspects of job hunting, including what steps need to be taken during the first year.

While seminar topics vary each year, previous seminars have included:

  • Job Search Strategies for 1Ls/2Ls/3Ls/Evening Students
  • Practice panels, such as international law, criminal law, bankruptcy, family law, tax law, etc.
  • Military JAG Careers
  • Department of Justice Internships and Postgraduate Hiring Programs
  • Creating Your Online Professional Profile & Effectively Utilizing LinkedIn
  • Utilizing Social Media in Your Job Search
  • Résumé and Cover Letter Drafting
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Networking
  • Research Tips for Law Clerks
  • Mentorship Panels