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Texas A&M University School of Law proudly hosts two student publications, the Texas A&M Law Review and the Texas A&M Journal of Property Law. Student editors publish both journals with faculty guidance.

Texas A&M Law Review

Texas A&M Law ReviewThe Texas A&M Law Review publishes three issues annually. The Law Review encourages legal scholarship on issues of interest to academic scholars, law students, practicing lawyers, and judges. To this end, the Texas A&M Law Review selects, edits, and publishes quality scholarship, and it also hosts symposia on current legal topics and significant developments. In addition to publishing pieces by preeminent scholars on cutting-edge topics, the Law Review also publishes scholarly work written by its student members after rigorous peer review by the Board of Editors. Learn more.

Texas A&M Journal of Property Law

Texas A&M Journal of Property LawThe Texas A&M Journal of Property Law is a scholarly publication dedicated to promoting academic discussions of property law. The journal explores the relationships arising from ownership, possession and use of property. Because of the inherent connectivity between property law and other disciplines, Texas A&M Journal of Property Law aims to:

  • provide an expanded lens to view, discuss and understand these complexities, and
  • facilitate thoughtful and intelligent discourse of national, state and local issues that shape the field of property law today.

This journal is published annually in the spring. It includes essays highlighted in our annual symposium, articles by scholars and legal practitioners, and notes and comments written by our student members.
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