Workplace Law Concentration

The concentration in Workplace Law is designed for students who plan to practice what has traditionally been referred to as labor or employment law as either an attorney representing employee plaintiffs or a defense attorney representing employers. Students must have a minimum grade of 2.33 in each graded course used to earn this concentration. The courses provide in‐depth exposure to all aspects of workplace law, with an emphasis on both skills and policy. Experiential learning is an important part of this concentration.

NOTE: Because of curriculum changes made in May 2017, students who matriculated before the Fall Semester of 2017 and have questions about substituting other courses to meet the current Concentration requirements should consult with faculty advisor  Prof. Michael Green. Any student seeking a substitution should consult with faculty advisor Prof. Michael Green.

To earn the Workplace Law Concentration, students must complete the following required and elective courses:

Core courses (​all are required)

  • ADR Survey: Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration (1)
  • Employment Discrimination (3)
  • Employment Law (3)
  • Labor Law (3)

Additional Core Courses (at least two required)

  • ADR in the Workplace* OR ADR in the Workplace Seminar** (2)
  • Arbitration (3)
  • Labor Negotiations Workshop* (1)
  • Mediation: Theory, Law, and Ethics (2)
  • Mediation Skills Workshop* (1)
  • The Business Negotiator* (3)

Elective courses (at least two required)

  • Administrative Law (2) or (3)
  • Advanced Torts (3)
  • Civil Rights Litigation* (3)
  • Education Law (2) or (3)
  • First Amendment (3)
  • Gender & the Law Seminar** (2)
  • Government Contracts (2)
  • Immigration Law (2) or (3)
  • LARW III: Appellate Drafting* (2)
  • LARW III: Contract Drafting* (2)
  • LARW III: Litigation Drafting* (2)
  • Law & Psychology Seminar** (2)
  • Race & the Law Seminar** (2)
  • Other courses that may be designated as satisfying this requirement (1/2/3)

Workplace Practice

  • ABA Labor and Employment Mock Trial Team (2)
  • Civil Motion Workshop* (1)
  • Externship in a workplace law agency (such as EEOC, Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Board) or with a corporation or an employer defense firm or employee plaintiff’s firm* (1) or (2)
  • Family Law and Benefits Clinic* (2) or (3)
  • Immigrant Rights Clinic* (4)
  • Wagner Labor and Employment Moot Court Team (2)
* Counts towards meeting the Law School "Experiential Learning" requirement
** Fulfills the Law School "Rigorous Writing" requirement