Professionalism & Leadership Program

Professionalism & Leadership ProgramHow will you serve society?

How will you lead a balanced life?

How will you have a long successful and fulfilling career in law?

How will you earn the respect of your colleagues?

You will become the leading lawyers of tomorrow. On non-profit boards, at corporations, in government and through private practice, you will lead and inspire change.

The Professionalism & Leadership Program (PLP) at Texas A&M School of Law provides you a well-rounded education and multi-dimensional experience, beyond legal theory and the classroom -- skills and values such as integrity, persuasive communication, service to the community, teamwork, ethics, business & entrepreneurial acumen.

You want to become a successful, ethical lawyer who makes a difference in the world. At Texas A&M Law School, we understand that thriving in the legal profession requires training and preparation beyond traditional classroom instruction. Our Professionalism & Leadership Program (PLP) is an innovative, engaging, cross-disciplinary professional development program that provides you the skills, knowledge, and experience to launch a successful and fulfilling career in law. In PLP events throughout the year, you engage with practicing lawyers and judges, legal experts, and classmates to develop your professional identity and plan your career path.

PLP workshops throughout the year and the Professional Identity course for all 1Ls identify and develop essential skills and habits and stress several core aspects of successful lawyering:

Transition to Practice

Learn the skills that employers seek when hiring and promoting, strategies on networking and business development, approaches when faced with challenging ethical dilemmas, and the value of becoming involved in local bar associations.

Communication and Public Speaking

Learn and practice techniques for effective and persuasive speaking. Resources include workshops run by TCU theatre faculty, a Toastmasters Club just for students, and personalized communications assessments.

Civic Responsibility and Community Service

Through various workshops and guest speakers, you will learn the importance of service to a lawyer’s professional identity. You will learn practical, high impact ways to become involved in your community.

Balance and Authenticity

To be successful over the long run, you need to develop a healthy perspective on how being a lawyer fits into your overall life. We will help through training on topics like mindfulness and strategies for balancing work/life obligations effectively.

"The Professionalism events that I have attended so far have been very insightful and have helped to shape my view of the legal profession, and where I will fit into it. ... This program is by far my favorite aspect of my time at Texas A&M Law School so far, and I look forward to attending as many events in the future as I am able to."

– Jake Wheeler, 1L

PLP Workshops and Networking

Past PLP workshops and opportunities have included:

  • Communications Assessment and Training
  • Etiquette Essentials
  • Networking with Tarrant County Young Lawyers Association
  • Hiring & Promotion Decisions
  • Dress for Success Fashion Show
  • Leadership Skills for Lawyers
  • Ethics of a Corporate Scandal, presented by Peter Elkind
  • Polishing Your Public Speaking Skills
  • Enhancing Your Career through Memberships in Local and State Bar Associations
  • Building Leadership through Community Service
  • How Multinational Corporations Contribute to Solving World Problems
  • Distinguished Careers in Law
  • Thriving in Today’s Intergenerational Workplace
  • Mindfulness as a Tool to Achieve Balance and Maximize Performance

"I am thrilled and very grateful to be able to attend the Professionalism events at TAMU Law School. They have been informative, interesting, and very eye-opening. I think that everyone in law school, especially those who just started, would benefit from attending these events."

– Mildred Ashley, 3L

On Leadership:
“Today’s students will be the leaders of tomorrow. On nonprofit boards, in government, and through their law practices, our students will lead and inspire change at all levels of society.”

On Integrity:
“Integrity is at the heart of lawyer professionalism. Clients and the broader justice system expect the highest ethical conduct from attorneys, and our programs foster & develop that core value.”

Aric Short
Vice Dean and Director, Professionalism & Leadership Program

Aric Short


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