Looking for advice about law school? Interested in tips on how to balance being a law student with your personal life?

Meet your 2019-2020 Student Ambassadors:

Ashley Phillips

Ashley Phillips '20
Texas A&M University

Aaron Lombrana

Aaron Lombraña '20
Texas A&M University
International Studies

Tabitha Hyduke

Tabitha Hyduke '21
Southern Utah University
​Criminal Justice

Conor Day

Connor Day '20
Texas A&M University
Business Admin. in Management

Hadi Alnaeemi

Hadi Alnaeemi '20
University of Texas at Dallas

Katelyn Tigner

Katelyn Tigner '20
Texas A&M University

Seth Boettcher

Seth Boettcher '20
Texas Tech University
Petroleum Engineering

Alex Martin del Campo

Alex Martin del Campo '21
Texas A&M University
Aerospace Engineering

Arielle Williams

Arielle Williams '21
University of Texas at Tyler
​Political Science

Robert David

Robert David '21
University of Texas at Austin

Christie Farrar

Christie Farrar '21
Texas A&M University
Business Admin. in Marketing

John Yoon

John Yoon '21
University of Texas at Austin

Jessica Mason

Jessica Mason '21
Texas A&M University

Forrest Gothia

Forrest Gothia '21
Texas A&M University
Petroleum Engineering

Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart '21
Texas A&M University
​Agricultural Business

Selika Ramirez

Selika Ramirez '21
University of Texas at Austin

Cole Stenholm

Cole Stenholm '21
Texas A&M University

Gabriella Garcia

Gabriella Garcia '20
Texas State University
​​Political Science

John Thomas

John Thomas '2​0
Texas ​Christian University
​History and Political Science

Katie Kruisselbrink

Katie Kruisselbrink '21
University of Pittsburgh
​Communication Rhetoric

Kristy Le

Kristy Le '21
University of ​California, Berkeley
​​Legal Studies

Caroline Cochonour

Caroline Cochonour '2​​1
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

Claire Brown

Claire Brown '2​0
Texas A&M University
​Recreation, Park ​and Tourism Sciences