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Evelyn Hernandez (JD '1​8)
Legal and Internal Audit Department, Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
​Tokyo, Japan

Mount Fuji Tour

Mount Fuji
I could not leave Japan without seeing Mount Fuji. On the way to Hiroshima, I was able to see the mountain from a far but I also wanted to get a closer view of it.

Therefore, I talked to one of my colleagues, Kodama-san, and we decided to take a tour to Mount Fuji. Our first stop was a farm where we were able to milk cows and then make homemade ice cream. Afterwards, we went to a wind cave.

Our third and final stop was fifth station, the last bus stop where people who wish to climb Mount Fuji begin their hike. It is recommended to hike Mount Fuji only during the months of July and August. Arriving at fifth station and seeing all the hikers preparing to begin their hike was very interesting.

Luckily, for Kodama-san, I did not take my hiking equipment so we decided to leave the hike to the top for next time. To climb to the top, it takes roughly 5-8 hours. This was definitely a great day trip and allowed me to see some Japan scenery on our way to Mount Fuji.
Homemade Ice-cream
Mount Fuji making Ice-cream
Mount Fuji Milking Cow